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The LUM Platform empowers businesses to create their own custom financial ecosystem
Changing the way Businesses Bank

Features designed for you

LUM provides the tools to change how business banking can be delivered. Our platform bridges the gap between businesses and their financial services to power their business processes with innovative products and services.

Business Centric Solutions

A suite of applications built to automate business processes and empower them with financial products.

Connected Ecosystem

Connects your business software and financial services in to a single, more accessible platform for your employees, partners and providers

Automated Processes

LUM uses smart algorithms to piece together transaction data and business processes to deliver actionable decisions to the right person at the right time.

Digital Business Banking

LUM delivers businesses a digital current account that integrates with business software platforms and provides intelligent access to financial products in real time.

  • Mobile & Web Banking, Payments & Debit Card.
  • Accounting, Payroll, ERP, CRM Integration.
  • Business Process and Payment Automation.
  • Secure and compliant with funds held in major banks.

Expense Management

LUM automates the management of expenses from transaction through to accounting by empowering employees with smart cards and a powerful expense app.

  • Automated payment capture.
  • In-app approvals and collaboration.
  • Integration with Accounting and Payroll.
  • A wide range of team cards and programmes.

Financial Marketplace

The LUM marketplace allows users to consolidate a wide range of partners into our platform to create their own financial ecosystem.

  • Create a custom supplier network of integrated financial products.
  • Receive product recommendations that are delivered to the right person at the right time.
  • Access Point of Sale and eCommerce Solutions that are pre-connected with LUM.

Transaction Automation

LUM’s blockchain based transaction solutions automate complex financial transactions, delivering businesses the ability to automate traditionally manual processes.

  • Smart Contract Escrow Accounts.
  • Certified Transaction Payment Automation.
  • Tokenised Loyalty Programmes.

Our team

Eduardo Martínez Founder & CEO

"Avid entrepreneur who has set up, run and supported numerous ventures, with a passion for designing unique things"

Michael Galvin Founder & CCO

"Extensive experience from start ups to large enterprises leading corporate development and global growth"

José Nistal Founder

"His passion for impact investing, led the way to successfully launching and supporting several unique ventures that challenge the status-quo to generate exponential change"

Daniella Lorenzo Head of Technology, Geneva Office

"Computer Engineer growing strongly into a leader position without abandoning the passion on developing"

Rodrigo Iglesias Head of Product, Madrid Office

"A blended product and techie guy with more than 20 years of experience"

Ricardo García Lead Architect, Madrid Office

"PhD & Telecommunications Engineer specialised in the development of high-quality and high-performance cloud-native software at scale"

Victor Gil Front End Lead, Madrid Office

"Web and Mobile applications, JavaScript and CSS expert with great experience on bringing ideas to life"

Miriam Martínez Front End Junior, Madrid Office

"Enthusiastic developer! Always interested in the know-how and solving problems"

Arancha Riestra Design and Marketing Lead, Madrid Office

"Passionate dreamer taking new design challenges up"

Jingxuan Xu Business Analyst, Madrid Office

"Motivated and analytical young professional with experience in Fintech area"

Fran Romero Business Strategist, Madrid Office

"Lawyer, business, payments, strategy... always thinking how to fill up the box"

Our Solutions

We have 3 distinct offerings; a direct solution for small business to have a better banking experience, a customised enterprise solution that allows businesses and associations to provide services to others, and a white label solution that enables banks to incorporate our solutions into their wider banking offer.


A powerful platform that changes the way businesses access and manage their financial services.
  • Business Current Account
  • Expense Management Solution
  • Director and Employee Cards
  • Accounting and Payroll Integration
  • Marketplace of Financial Products

Corporate & Associations

An innovative Saas platform built to provide a regulated banking solutions to businesses and associations.
  • Provide Business Current Accounts
  • Branded Debit Cards
  • Integrated with end user accounting and payroll systems
  • Custom integration with internal systems and external partners
  • Customised Marketplace of Financial Products

Financial Institutions

A white label Fintech suite of products built to extend core commercial banking capabilities.
  • White Label Business Current Accounts
  • White Label Expense Management
  • Powerful Integrations with a range of SME Software
  • Custom Product Recommendation Engine
  • Bespoke Application Development

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Please get in touch if you would like to join our Beta Waitlist, speak to us about Enterprise Solutions or to add your product/service to the LUM Marketplace.

Changing the way Businesses Bank

Join us on our journey as we create a better way to deliver business banking by providing financial services through our LUM platform.