Connecting the Fintech Ecosystem

Easiest and most efficient way to enable market leading financial products and services with the click of a button.


From digital onboarding to transaction monitoring, we are connected to market leading KYC,KYB, and fraud monitoring platforms. More than just an integration, these platforms connect to our in-app onboarding and we keep clients informed via admin portals.

Financial Products

We provide connections to a wide range of financial products and services including Cards, Accounting, Insurance, FX, Lending. Clients can turn on/off marketplace solutions, as well as integrating their own services to deliver a unique offering to their end customers.

Distribution Channel

Financial institutions and Fintechs can also make their product available on the TOQIO marketplace to other clients who effectively act as a distribution channel to their end users.

Powering the next generation of financial apps

Built on leading open source technology, we provide a highly secure and scalable platform, that allows our clients to leverage data to deliver their better customer experiences.