Our team

We are an experienced team with an extensive background B2B enterprise software alongside broad financial services expertise. We have been working together as a team since 2013 with a previous successful exit in this space and a shared vision to disrupt the business banking sector and to have some fun along the way!
Eduardo Martínez Founder & CEO

"Avid entrepreneur who has set up, run and supported numerous ventures, with a passion for designing unique things"

Michael Galvin Founder & CCO

"Extensive experience from start ups to large enterprises leading corporate development and global growth"

José Nistal Founder

"His passion for impact investing, led the way to successfully launching and supporting several unique ventures that challenge the status-quo to generate exponential change"

Daniella Lorenzo Head of Technology, Geneva Office

"Computer Engineer growing strongly into a leader position without abandoning the passion on developing"

Rodrigo Iglesias Head of Product, Madrid Office

"A blended product and techie guy with more than 20 years of experience"

Ricardo García Lead Architect, Madrid Office

"PhD & Telecommunications Engineer specialised in the development of high-quality and high-performance cloud-native software at scale"

Arancha Riestra Design and Marketing Lead, Madrid Office

"Passionate dreamer taking new design challenges up"

Victor Gil Front End Lead, Madrid Office

"Web and Mobile applications, JavaScript and CSS expert with great experience on bringing ideas to life"

Miriam Martínez Front End Junior, Madrid Office

"Enthusiastic developer! Always interested in the know-how and solving problems"

Jingxuan Xu Business Analyst, Madrid Office

"Motivated and analytical young professional with experience in Fintech area"

Fran Romero Business Strategist, Madrid Office

"Lawyer, business, payments, strategy... always thinking how to fill up the box"

David G. AristeguiSenior Backend Developer, Madrid Office

"A person whose career has oscillated between public administration and technology consulting in projects related with scientific computing, digital justice or banking software"

Powering the next generation of financial apps

Built on leading open source technology, we provide a highly secure and scalable platform, that allows our clients to leverage data to deliver their better customer experiences.